My First Project – Coil Gun

Coil gun is a projector type device which consists of coil wounded on a barrel. When current is allowed to pass through the coil, it fires out a small electromagnetic bullet placed inside the barrel


It all started late September when I was anticipating doing something practical. I was browsing and then unexpected I saw a quote which reads ‘inspiring innovation’. It’s nothing but TATHVA- NIT Calicut’s annual tech fest.  I went through the events list and then my hands as usual went on to the category ELECTRICAL … this is where I saw ‘COIL GUN’. There are also other things like MOUSE DRIVE, PURE TRICS but somehow this coil gun interested me. Then a sparkle came into my brain. It said ‘why not making a coil gun’?  It hit the highest point of my brain and then I thought its time that I should go for it.


Then quickly I decided to build a coil gun. As soon as I got the idea I quickly started looking for a person who would guide me. My adviser Vipin sir suggested me to go and meet a lecturer in Physics; his name is Mr. Ganesh Sundaram. He is a sheer genius, without wasting much time I approached him. He accepted my request but on condition that I will answer all his questions.  Things were not easy for me, building a coil gun requires knowledge about Electromagnetism which I will come across only in my fourth semester (presently third). I answered all his questions based on my plus2 knowledge about Electromagnetism. He was not convinced with my answers and sent me out for five consecutive days. Then I decided to have a partner who would help me in this. That was not a big problem as the maximum number of persons per team is two. So I took one pal named Vijay into my team. Then with his arrival things started getting better as work was being shared. Then we both together moved towards him to answer his questions, the result was better but not the best. On the seventh try, finally we convinced him (thanks to Vijay for his unusual answers). It was the day when I really imagined building a coil gun.


The next day we started working with things like capacitors, coils, batteries etc but things didn’t seem as easy as we thought. Practically we couldn’t make through what our guide told us.  Everything looked far above the ground (obviously understanding a theory from such an intellectual is difficult). Then we searched for another person whose frequency can match with us. Then we came across our ROCKSTAR Mr. Srinivas. He is our electrical lab instructor. His answers matched our frequency and we started working with him. We registered for the tech fest and got everything ready except our coil gun. It was the testing time for us. We made many changes, still it didn’t work, but we never lost hope. Lastly and fortunately it worked the day before the competition. We named our coil gun ANDROID


Funny things happened to give us a relief from our work. We slept in the train and got up only after the train was about to leave Calicut. We ran bare footed holding our shoes and jumped of the train. Then by bus we reached our destination. Three teams participated from my college and all of us were on time to the event.  Each team gets three chances to fire the bullet to maximum distance. Team 1 from our college fired the bullet to a distance of 2.15m.Ours is team2.  In first two attempts we could fire the bullet to a distance less than 2.15m but on our third attempt we could make it to 2.28m. Very sad that team3 from our college could make it only up to 1.79m. We also came across a team from NIT Calicut firing the bullet to whooping 10m. We went to him and inquired how he made it and learnt how different our model is. After the event we left to see different stalls at the place.


Later on in the evening the coordinator of the event made a call to me and told us that we came third, with the first two places bagged by the fourth year students from NIT Calicut. It’s a moment of absolute astonishment for me. I didn’t believe it for some time. Later everything seemed real for me. For a minute I was bit proud because I could achieve something in a college like NIT. I made the first call to my adviser Vipin sir without whom this is not possible. Then I informed everyone who are concerned to me about this project and shared my happiness. We got prize money of Rs 2000 (never ask what we did we this because we too don’t know how it was spent). We enjoyed that night there and returned to my place the next day.

What all this project gave me can’t be expressed in words. I went across every emotion like anticipation, disappointment, sorrow, disgust, anger, pride, astonishment and ultimately the feeling of greater magnitude called Happiness.

I look forward to build in many more devices like this & would like to suggest everyone to get an exposure to the outside world by taking part in events like these and make your practical knowledge better.

Remember friends ‘Something is better than nothing’ 🙂

Enjoy your life

Here are some images



‘POWER SUPPLY’ that we worked on






7 thoughts on “My First Project – Coil Gun

  1. bavundi ra rock chey iraga diyyy

  2. gud one chetha..:)

  3. CONGRATS RAVI……..i appreciate ure work as a frnd……….and i lykd da way u named MR.Srinvas garu ROCKSTAR……wt was da cause to name him so.and coming to ur “ANDROID”,though it troubled u a lot it made u achieve…<3 it……………..congo captain

  4. Great line up. We will be linking to this great article on our site. Keep up the good writing.

  5. good piece of work. keep it up. 🙂

  6. nice work.. should have put a pic of Srinivas sir too.. after all the rock star has to be shown to the world.. 😀

  7. gr8 one bro….congo 2 both of u again…..:) and ofcourse srinivas sir rockzz….

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